Sunday, March 14, 2010

Terrorisme à la carte

Persecution of Christians is a common occurrence throughout the world, but is rarely reported by the mainstream media. Due to their faith, Christians endure harassment, discrimination, deportation, imprisonment, rape, torture, murder and other forms of persecution. This trend of Christian persecution continues on an alarming scale while Communist and former Communist states are becoming less antagonistic towards Christianity (North Korea being the exception). Concurrently, persecution continues to increase in Islamic countries. International Christian Concern ICC 2010 report

The Hall of shame 2010 : Top 10 christian persecutors
1- Eritrea
2- Pakistan
3- Iran
4- North Korea
5- Somalia
6- India
7- Saudi Arabia
8- Vietnam
9- Nigeria
10- China

NB : because of the wide definition of the persecution term and the difficulty to collect all the information about persecution around the globe, other countries may be listed in the top 10 persecutors which are : Maldives , Afghanistan, Yemen, Laos, Uzbekistan, and Mauritania (Open doors report)

Sources : Map : Open doors organization
Ranking : International Christian Concern ICC

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