Monday, September 14, 2009

Iberian Federalism ( Iberismo )

It’s the federation of both countries in the Iberian Peninsula : Spain and Portugal

Why these two countries ?

1- Spain and Portugal share a common geographical unity that is manifested by a common border of 1214 km , 4 common rivers , the same climate , the same rural aspect….and many other characteristics that make the Iberian peninsula a unique homogenous entity.

2- The history of both countries is common most of the time or at least evolved in parallel : Phoenician colonies , roman occupation , Visigothic kingdom , arab occupation , reconquista , the catholic kings , new world discoveries and colonization , Iberian union , adhesion to the EU.

3- Both Portuguese and Spanish are both of Latin roots from the Ibero-romance group. They share a 89 % of lexical similarity more than any other romance languages.

4- Roman Catholicism is the prominent religion of both countries.

5- Spain is the Portugal’s first economic partner and Portugal is the third export partner of Spain and the 8th in imports.

When joined together they will be the largest country within the EU and the third largest one in Europe after Russia and Ukraine. The 5th most populated country in the EU with 78 deputy in the European parliament and the 8th economic power in the world.

Iberian Federation

Area : 596 735 km²

Population : 57.289.200

Important cities : Madrid , Lisbon , Barcelona , Valencia , Porto ..

Official Languages : Spanish and Portuguese

Religion : Roman Catholicism

Currency : Euro

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