Thursday, September 24, 2009

Malvinas Argentinas or “Falkland islands”

The two islands that are called “Magallánicas or Malvinas”are situated on the bottom of Latin America, in front of Argentina. These islands are still now occupied by the British that call them with the strange name of Falkland Islands.
In 1520, the Spanish sailors discovered the islands. They were annexed to the Spanish empire, and they remained under Spanish sovereignty until Argentina declared its independence in 1816. In 1833 Britain took control over the islands. Since then Argentina has claimed sovereignty over the islands. In 1982 Argentina invaded the islands which led to a two month war that resulted in the defeat of the Argentines and withdraw from the islands . The dispute over the control of the islands has continued since the war. In 1992 the two countries resumed their diplomatic relations. In 1994 Argentina added its claim to the islands to the Argentine Constitution. In June 2003 the issue was brought before a UN committee, and attempts have been made to open talks with the UK to resolve the issue of the islands.
The case of the Falklands isn’t unique. Many Territories that belong to the ample “Hispanic Sphere” are still colonized and occupied by the Anglo-Saxons.
In Europe, Gibraltar a Spanish territory is still occupied by Britain.
In Oceania , Guam island is occupied by the US and it belongs originally to the Philippines that inherited it from Spain.
In America from the North to the South :
Belize by the UK, even it’s a sovereign state it forms part of the commonwealth and Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of the state.
The Panama channel controlled by the US.
The Guyanas controlled by three European nations : UK , Netherlands and France
In Antarctica , the land in front of Chile and Argentina is claimed by the UK as well as by theses 2 nations.
All these territories, now in foreign hand should be delivered back to the Hispanic block. All the alternatives from the “British Federation of the Carribean” to “the United states of Guyana” should be rejected as a solution to the foreign occupation of theses lands.

more info : (site in Spanish)

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