Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two wests ?????

Is the western world homogeneous ?? do the differences between western Europe and America divide the western culture?? what are these differences ??
After the Iraq Invasion back in 2003 , an irrelevant fact rose that there is a division inside the western world , it's the transatlantic division (with the exception of UK backing the US) and it's a residual problem from the left over of the Cold War period ("the residual problems of 1989" :"There are three such residual problems which I consider the biggest: first, the meaning of the West; second, the identity of Europe (because Europe developed essentially in some part as a Cold War formation and now has to face up to a massive process of globalization); third, US military power in relation to Europe." )
The other division is the relation between Politics and Religion , while most European countries are secular , the religion is shaping the American political scene (a poll conducted between june 22-24 , 2007 by The CNN/Opinion Research Corp. found that of the 750 Christians in the survey, 59 percent identify themselves first by their faith, then as Americans, while 36 percent described themselves in the reverse )
Another striking difference is the belief in evolution Vs creation . In the USA around 40 % of people believe that the evolution theory is completely true while in Countries like France and Denmark more than 80 % of people believe in evolution (eff Hecht (19 August 2006). "Why doesn't America believe in evolution?". New Scientist 191 (2565): 11. )
Finally there a dispute over the leadership in the western world. Western Europe is trying to set itself apart from the USA through the EU. While the EU is an economic giant , with 450 million people and the biggest trade block in the world , it is still a "political dwarf" lacking the military power as well as a common foreign policy and a common constituation.

For more infos read the following article : Two Wests : This conversation between Samuel Huntington of Harvard University and Anthony Giddens of the London School of Economics

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