Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tribute to the Immortal Lebanese Forces Martyrs

"The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church" Tertullian Apologeticus

Between 1975 and 1990 , 15000 Lebanese forces combatants scarified themselves to secure and defend the Christians existence in Lebanon.

Martyred to defend our existence, and the preservation of our heritage, and to remain in our land ... They have given their lives for the sake of our existence, and to maintain the survival of Lebanon, there is no love greater than the self-sacrificing and greater than human sacrificing himself for his loved ones.

We will stay loyal to you .. You will always remain the bridge that connects generations , you will remain the symbol of sustainability, and the spirit of the people who believed in their cause , refused to abandon its land, history and civilization, drawn by their fathers and forefathers and their leaders.

Rest in peace, my fellow heroes, take your rest where you are, your memory will flourish with each September, the month of the martyrs who generously gave their blood to feed the Lebanese cause with more faith, persistence and tenacity ...


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  2. Every one of your posts has been nothing short of being extremely racist and sectarian.

    Your life has little meaning as you define yourself only by being a Christian and denigrating everything else. How you can live in a country like Lebanon, which thrives on diversity, tolerance and open mindedness is beyond me.
    It is people like yourself who make me ashamed of being Lebanese. Your views are ridiculed by the large secular segments of Lebanese society and by non-religious people all over Europe and the Americas.
    Furthermore, as an educated person I can tell you that you are not qualified whatsoever to comment on the political situations of countries such as Turkey and Kosovo.

  3. First of all, Kosovo isn't a country.
    who are you to decide if my life has a meaning or not , and if i can talk about turkey and kosovo?????
    When i presented myself i said Lebanese christian!! Lebanon first , and it's my Christianity who makes me love my country and we Lebanese Christians gave everything for Lebanon our beloved homeland, our martyrs died for lebanon only and not for Syria nor Palestine or Iran.
    I am not racist , i didn't attack anyone and i respect my brothers in Lebanon, but the truth should be told regardless of the corrupted views of secular society and non religious people in Lebanon and everywhere in the world.
    " He who knows the truth and does not speak it is a miserable coward and not a Christian " Pope St. Pius V

  4. I totally agree with you charbel!! Being proud of what we are is totally normal. You know the most intolerant people are the seculars. They thing that the are the most open and most intelligent people in the world. But they did not see all the crimes the brought with them! Criminal communist regimes, eugenics and a dead europe that could not see the difference between right and wrong aborting babies and considiring it a human right!! Hitler,Stalin,Mao, the che, fidel Castro that is what they gave the world. Veritas in Caritate! Let us continue!!!